The Hottest Acronym over Decades in VizTech = IFP

February 23, 2023

What’s an IFP? Interactive Floorplan!

How you show up with interactive experiences matters, and more builders today are realizing that interactivity is the key to standing out. Buyers expect more choice and options to explore what they want to purchase, and Interactive Floorplans pay off a grand customer experience when buyers can explore how to make their home live the way they need it to.

The IFP has been a staple in Focus 360’s service and product line up for years.  In fact, back in 1989, Focus 360, formerly Ormonde Presentations, designed and executed the first IFP’s used by homebuilders. It’s crazy to think that over thirty years later, the topic has not died, and yet many builders are still lacking the technology that improves the selling process and the homebuyer experience.  The good news is it’s never too late to improve and IFP’s are not only affordable, but easy to create and execute on a builder’s website and through our next™ sales solution kiosks.  Just look at the added functionality and details you can offer your buyers as they explore the footprint option of a home!

  • Compare plans side-by-side
  • Showcase flex spaces
  • Include nested room option add-ons
  • Furniture add-ons (automated or personalized placement)
  • Lot specific plan details
  • Include elevation details with the floorplan details

Looking for more proof why IFP’s have been reborn as a hot topic? Take a look at how Focus 360 has advanced the tools within what was once a standard IFP. Our menu of self-serving options, clean looking user experience and intuitive navigation let the GIFs do the talking and transparently showcase so many options from understanding room dimensions to playful furniture use.

Auto- Add Furniture Options by Room
Custom Furniture Adds
Structural Options
Lot Details
Incorporate Elevation Renderings
Plan Comparison

We hope you now feel educated on what “Today’s IFP” can offer and why the acronym is important to know and adopt into your marketing visualization strategy!  Keep the buyer happy and in the driver’s seat with IFP’s.  It’s one way to do more, stay competitive and stay current with today’s buyer expectations for self-service.

Interactive Floor Plan

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